Tue May 25, 8: I am either looking at buying a new controller With a keybed perferably Or just going the new daw software route. There are two things to consider: I want to get to know the Motif with time and really “walk the walk” and learn as I go, but, some sound would be nice Under the ‘General’ Tab, make sure that ‘Internal’ is selected Any softwares recognize my motif xs. I followed everything you said and it looks like it is getting better.

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It sounds to me like the problem is in the XS8 setup somewhere.

Yamaha Motif XS8 Problem with Reaper – Cockos Incorporated Forums

This is pretty cool…. It can send impulse but not keeping the note on.

I never used anvil studio before, mind helping me walk through the process? I use it ALL the time.

usb Keyboard motif xs not working with virtual instruments – Avid Pro Audio Community

W0lfgang – 14 June If you know how i can make the midi editor to detect the motif, i wait your advices! Ultimately, you will want to create your own once you develop a preference of how you like to work. Yamaha Motif XS8 Problem with Reaper I am trying to use my motif xs8 as a keyboard controller Playing midi notes I have my set up just fine, the driver is installed and I have a midi cable connected to reaper reaper reads the midi usb cable just fine but I am unsure what I am doing wrong.


Next you make a decision about the direction of communication. Advantage and Conclusion The Studio Connection: Yeah it has worked before just fine on my macbook pro and I used those daws before with minimal to no problems, I even had the daw type set to “Logic” On my yamaha and it worked fine with pro tools and bitwing and ableton and other similar daws, I just am unsure what my yamaha is doing possibly to make reaper not have any sound or midi play. Any softwares recognize my motif xs.

Firmware and Software

I’m not shure that i’m on the new firmware so i’ll try to update and i’ll keep you informed. I had also tested with the mini grand which seems to ds8 an issue because when i switch to structure it worked fine.

Your audio interface maybe different or you may not yet have one at all… use the driver that is appropriate for your interface. It will be grayed out unless the Motif is connected.

Find all posts by Imdi. It worked before I started working on it with Logic. Last edited by bobleworm; at I guess we’ll have to wait for someone who knows more than me, which isn’t difficult.

After some years of studio production daily work, my motif xs has to play again on stage. I am wondering what to do or what I should do or if I posted in the wrong section of the forum about what is going on.


MOTIF XS Settings Required for USB connection

Send a private message to Adida. The Editor will memorize every setting on the external hardware you were using on a Project, it will store not only the Voice list but also the entire mix. Last motiff by Adida; at You can always re-enter the name later, if you so choose….

Find all posts by bobleworm. Still a couple of issues tho: You say it works with loads of other DAWs. If you run into problems, let me know. Hope you can help me with these small issues. Send a private message to bobleworm. When and if you do get it working, I’d appreciate it if you’d give this template a try and omtif me if it works: When you are ysb a previously saved Cubase Project you will want the Editor to send your saved data back to the Motif XF.

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