Any help will be very welcome. Zubair Lutfullah 27 September at And the IIO subsystem provides a sample test application to test the driver. The above command will print 5 readings three times:. The sampling frequency select side isn’t set up in the driver. Needs a bit of a workaround to run with beaglebone black.

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Here I’ll explain the sysfs way of doing things.

You don’t have a supported kernel. For further information of J8 connector layout please refer to EVM schematics qdc. Since our driver is not trigger based we need to modify this application to bypass the trigger detection.

TJ Wei 2 September at I am using 2.

Linux source code: drivers/iio/adc/ti_amx_adc.c (v) – Bootlin

The above command will print 5 readings three times:. I posted a commit here which resolves the problem: Running the following pulses the trigger. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. You’ll have to check TRM and manually fix registers to your required rate. For debian and ubuntu, the slots location is: I’m using Debian lnux here’s the output of uname -a: The buffer can be enabled by doing:.


From Texas Instruments Wiki. However, reading using the usual file io interface to the analog pins consumes too much cpu.

EBC Exercise 10a Analog In

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This is not the same with the iio-trig-sysfs module. I have no experience. Previous Serial Communication with Microcontrollers.

Zubair Lutfullah 18 September at Please apply patch Media: Needs a bit of a workaround to run with beaglebone black. Retrieved from ” http: Naming conventions changed between 3. Rafa Vega am3355x May at When the user wants to continuously take samples, continuous mode needs to be enabled.

HOw you get the trigger name as sysfstrig1? Retrieved from ” http: If you need to go back to one-shot mode then just do:. If one-shot ad is enabled, then the sequencer will only be scheduled one time the sequencer HW will automatically disable the StepEnable bit after it is scheduled which will guarantee only one sample is taken per channel.


If your sensor goes above 1. All this might seem confusing at first. Craig Markwardt 4 October at Notify me of linix comments by email.