Just to save some people some heavy head scratching: I know that pfSense is a router, as well as a firewall. What hardware have you installed pfSense on? This was not a problem initially but if it ever became disconnected, or went into standby! But the bios complained of not finding a bootable system disk. I also hate to “tech by wallet”, as mine is not that fat. I connect my phone to my PC.

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Can your device run a wifi hotspot?

Earlier in the thread, I pasted, plaintext a link to an ebay picture, to show that it has an RJ ethernet port. I guess they like everyone have rndus over run by spammers.

I’m in uncharted territory with pfSense. I don’t have my notes at hand…. Possibly that build did not include a console.

RNDIS, Bluetooth & HDD issues… | Netgate Forum

However, no reaction for my phone. Budget is a problem. It must appear when you connect it to pfSense even if no driver exists. Nothing in the log which I pulled via the web-GUI….

  [email protected] 1200 CU PLUS II DRIVER DOWNLOAD

I first tried, without running anything on the phone. Thanks for this and posting the fix.

It may work straight away. Another search of these forums shows bluetooth to be presently a dead issue.

The BA was never intended to run anything past Windows!. Sounds like you’re up to your neck in technology that almost works together. The command was accepted, no complaint, but no dmesg or dmesg. USB debugging is enabled. I rndos the sticky at the top of this board… I DID search the forum, the blog and the tutorials.

Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Technological proprietary-ism and incompatibility Do you have a gateway on the pfSense LAN? Honestly, I’d rather see bluetooth traffic run through a router, than on my desktop host, anytime! Even when I plugged in a USB bluetooth dongle, “up” messages popped up, in console… I hate to go Rube Goldberg, and do something convoluted. Then, there’s the extra power consumption, battery.

HTC HD2 generic rndis driver missing

To answer another poster’s question, it’s a desktop; an old e-machines with an IDE drive. Just make sure you get one of the 3g dongles listed here: It needs “World Unlock”, and other cracks, before running Android.


If it doesn’t work you can flash it with OpenWRT which gives you far more options: I have this command on my cheat-sheet hotlist: Hmm, well I’m surprised that you see nothing at all. I hate to say, that, per the forum, my immediate solution is “tech by wallet”, which rdnis, since there should be a software solution. After you see the login.

[SOLVED] USB Tethering – Missing RNDIS Driver

I hate to go Rube Goldberg, and do something convoluted. As if I would be able to do so If I disable advanced networking mode and load the uipaq. The phone was made in !