My model Identifier is 18,3. I have various problems with the Nvidia during security updates etc. One thing though is that on boot, my GPU instantly starts up the fans and is pretty loud. I also do not use anything in clover. It seems that the sound through the monitor abnormal heard as if in slower tempo. I was able to get the usb 3.

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The issue was a bad motherboard pcie slot dead which I exchanged and got new. I had the impression that with maverics the card should work without separate download of drivers.

How to hackintosh AMD graphics cards in Sierra 10.12.6+

Tested with unlocked Workstation 15 running OSX Posted April 22, So I will hackintsoh go back to it… If you think of anything else or have another idea let me know. This may not work as you expect. The Bruce Benchmark file looks great but when I edited some footage from my drone cam in 4k the footage looks normal in FCP but the rendered file is very pixilated and lots of artifact.

I have working Sierra I have screensharing on so I would be able to connect to it by another machine.


Mojave Graphics not detected AMD Radeon HD : hackintosh

Any combination of 2 ports out of the 3 will work, and all 3 work if I boot into Windows. Hello, thanks for the resources.

I think im going to reach hacikntosh to XFX to see if i can get it replaced but I was curious if you had seen anything like that in your travels. It is working fine.

Enable dual screen support on AMD Radeon under OS X | Vahan’s Blog

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Just updated to Mojave This gives some color lines flickering at apple logo boot startup. Apparently the Pro WX series has worked but will require additional kexts…. WEAR i am not getting any picture out of it if i use igp as first boot device. Can you please confirm your AMD card is running without issue? If you have a Coffee Lake or Kaby Lake Processor and use graphic intensive programs like FCPX or play games on macOS the ig-platform-id should be set to prevent crashing and optomize performance when using a dedicated graphics card.

I read articles on how to flash it, various articles on downloading a variety of programs to change parts of Mac OS to get the card working.


Blue Marlin Cafe, Genova Italy. Find a similar card,and by similar I mean,one that uses the same framebuffer, and emulate it, “impersonnate” it with fakeid in clover’s config.

Posted January 20, Posted January 18, Am I just hosed? I just bough a sapphire pulse 4gb card.

Display card not recognised. Yes, system is now working. Hackinhosh from my Clover config. This is my favorite Hackintosh site!

Now that it is finally working, I can hcakintosh that it is a silent card, as quiet as the GeForce GT that it replaced. I would appreaciate some help, because this is my LAST problem to get a fully working Yosemite problem – and this is the last reason why I can’t switch from my installed Leopard Followed these steps and success.

hackintodh OK, you made a believer out of me. I have been trying to get mine to work for a few months now, reading every forum known to man and trying everything.