Glad WOL works for you! I have installed and re-installed the driver install package on this site as well as anything else I can find from other people with the same board. As soon as I made DHCP to assign a local network address to the interface everything works like a charm. I have read through just about every page of this post and cannot find an answer for my problem. Thanks for the info. It should work fine on your build. Thanks for your feedback

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Any outcoming request causes dropping of the connection and after some seconds it re-enables itself. Symptoms like what you describe could be from low-quality cabling or interoperability issues with your router though I doubt rfaltek. For the stability, I have to wait a little bit more. As soon as I made DHCP to assign a local network address to the interface everything works like a charm.

So the good news up front: It should work fine on your build. Don’t have an account? This is just what I need.


Wol is enabled in bios. I’m happy to see someone has extended my work duao this driver! Device Manager Tab Page – Figure Manual settings will not work either.

Realtek PCIe Gigabit Ethernet 10//M Network Driver Driver – TechSpot

Not supported on this machine. Hi I installed mac os x snow leopard on my Laptop Which its hardware specification is http: RTS RTS 68Msps dua motor interface with block diagram stepper motor interface with flatbed scanner controller led for CIS scanner dc motor interface with stepper motor interfacing A realtek design rts I’m using tonymac’s DSDT and had everything running fine except ethernet so I installed your driver w multibeast.

Well when I saw you new post. realtsk

What about Bonjour, is that working perfect? Please make sure to remove the following if found: Once located, use the mouse. See Reporting Problems in the post body. And that apparently made my php script stop working properly without any visible signs that id did!


I am on Snow right now, but I have some issues to deal with. Other names mentioned in this. I uninstalled your driver and installed the “official” one. Revision Historyapplication circuits for the ALC I’ll have to check out ReadPixel’s tomorrow, and see if it works.


Previous 1 2 Using this guide, the following goals can be achieved: It should work if you enable it in the BIOS.

Lnx2Mac’s Realtek RTL81xx Driver

I assumed this same utility is ran in KextBeast, but for some reason didn’t rtl111cp for me alone. Can you tell me how to get it working? I’ll need you to install the debug version of the driver and post your kernel. System update doesn’t work because of it, as it begins searching for the updates, but then shows an error Hi Lnx2Mac, First of all, thanks for the great driver for the hacintosh community!

Thanks for the driver Lnx2Mac!! Please report back how the driver works for you on