This is a bit confusing. So it does or doesn’t work with hdv? Please enter your name here. Maybe it’s the HDV model. In DV mode there’s no problem.

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I tried every file format and finally found that. When switching modes, things can get complicated in a hurry. So it’s the same just sold as another brand. You can fit approximately six and a half hours on the GB drive. Record to hard disk at the touch of button, and citidixk video files for immediate use in your NLE. FireWire Sustained Data Rate: I told the company and they recommended a citidjsk upgrade and reformatting of the disk and to try with the tape in.

I hope that it isn’t too many questions at once. Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and opens up artistic options in the field.

Again, the customer support was terrific but that will get you no where with a terrible product. In this segment, we I then took this data back to the company and asked for a refund on return of the unit as it definitely did not suit my application and they complied. The company was very helpful and i got the unit in two days from payment from ictidisk.


Shining Technologies CitiDISK HDV 120GB Direct-to-Edit Device Review

For me, the stable HDV storage is all what I really need, and thus, tolerate ictidisk other problems. This means you will always have a copy of your video. Hi Jon, This is a bit confusing. Packed inside this 10 ounce device is a GB shock-mounted laptop hard drive, a FireWire bus, and a rechargeable battery.

hev An added advantage is the ability for bus-powered operation. This means it can’t be operated with the XL H1 batteries unless one made oneself a serial connection. Upon first using it there is a litle switch you need to turn on in the back using a pen tip or paper clip to turn on the internal battery – when I moved it to the on position, it snapped off – no big deal but pretty cheap if you ask me Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

To switch to Quicktime mode, select the green light. The box was mounted to the camer using a thumbscrew and to the quick release by gorilla gluing I love that stuff a nut to a predrilled citiisk and just screwing the quick release in place – it worked well! Lauri, you mention that you’re using the citidisk with your Canon XLH1 batteries.

Shining Technology CitiDisk HDV 320gb Dte Drive

Second, the timecode is not transferred to the hard disk. Why do we watch movies in widescreen? After recording I hooked up to my editing suite, copied the files to a local harddrive and brought them into premiere pro.


Or maybe I’m missing something. You have entered an incorrect email address! It worked fine sometimes and at other time just dropped out whilst shooting in non tape mode. That was the last straw – Ictidisk gave it a fair shot and now I have had it with the device and requested a full refund, which they better honor since buying the device I have never had a fully functional one.

You say you still record high definition on tape?

Shining Technology CitiDISK HDV External Hard Disk FWH

It would make sense if one of the re-packagers of the original model would be less stable than the original, but in this case it seems as if one of the spin-offs is better than it’s supplier. No more worries about a dropout ruining your only good take. The dropped files were short and not playable at all.