Jan 1, at 2: They have been reluctant to introduce BT wireless features into their products, due to support issues. I lose the media button capability but at least I don’t have to deal with the random driver weirdness any longer. Jan 4, at 6: This is also true for my Nokia Lumina phone. Jan 2, at 8:

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This is why some BT devices cost more than other non-Aptx devices. There are approximately zzio different profiles in the BT spec. Wait for it to connect with your headphones, then plug in the Logitech dongle for your mouse.

Post of Everyone would agree that Azio and CSR support are non-existent or poor at best. They simply can’t afford the staff required to troubleshoot BT problems.

Azio USB Bluetooth Adapter, BTD-V, supporting aptX, US$ (shipped) @ Amazon – OzBargain

Post 92 of According to MS tech support, you can have. They never answered when I asked them if the Beats Studio Wireless are registered as supporting APTX bte-v401 must know it because they get money when people want to implement Aptx, and because they have the APTX website where they list all devices which support Aptx -the Beats Studio Wireless are not listed. Any PC under 3 lbs.


If your Beats headphones don’t give you the splash screen, then they are not Aptx compatible. For me, discussion closed.

You haven’t said what your PC is. My mouse is wireless, but not BT.

Azio USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter V4.0 EDR and aptX (BTD-V401)

You’ve mentioned that Aptx works well with some mobile phones. Unfortunately, there aren’t many AirPlay portable devices in the market. Let me see if I can answer them.

This is just like I mentioned earlier. Class-D, if your mouse is not Bluetooth, your example makes no sense. Post 93 of But in all cases you will have superb SQ and low latency. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. The APTX support is native in it.

What are head-fi members views on apt-x lossless codec (over bluetooth)?

Dolby Labs sets strict standards for coding and decoding in Hollywood. You connect a Headphone, and if it supports Aptx, you get the Notification “connected to an Aptx btdd-v401. Let me give you one tip. Lastly, if you want enhanced range with BT you will need to use a Class 1 device. I admire your patience with radio devices.


Azio USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter V EDR and aptX (BTD-V) | eBay

Even with Apt-X there will be approximately msec delay, but most people would agree this is pretty good. Apple has an equalizer built-in to iTunes for you to tweet the SQ to your liking. As you have witnessed, Aptx does a great job with audio streaming, almost as good as a wire.

If you have trouble installing the CSR Harmony software that comes with Azio dongle, go to tbd-v401 website and read the note on Microsoft. I do not think we can really think like that about notebooks manufacturers.

Post 96 of It also has a fast BT processor. Post 91 of