If you’re an arcade stick pro, the stock stick and buttons feel similar to Hori’s Hayabusa but with more tension. If custom artwork is important, consider Mayflash F fightstick. These are massive pros, as is the fact that the stick effortlessly switches between PS3, PS4 and PC with the flick of a switch on the stick proper. Basically you can pick almost any arcade stick on the market currently, and it will work on your computer. As perfectly workable as this solution is, it complicates learning a new game. The implications for responsiveness in fighting games are clear, but somewhat careless, ham-fisted gamers like myself will have to learn to keep their fingers raised.

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I’ll continue to buy these as long as friends continue to ask me to build them an arcade unit like mine. Just so everyone knows, there’s a firmware update that allows to play wired on a Switch but didn’t test that specifically It’s somewhat confusing how to connect wireless to a Switch.

Razer has two EVO Champions on the payroll on their eSports side, and it really does show in the quality of their stick — it even has a tournament mode which disables the start, share and PlayStation buttons to avoid any accidental disqualifications. These things are hefty in weight. Button placement is excellent, and mashing buttons is px.

Best PC Arcade Sticks 2018

I can now confidently say the only thing cheap on this is the price. This stick supports a vibrating wrist strap bought separatelybut to me it sounds more like a silly gimmick.

The Mayflash F stock feels great to me especially for the price. F fightstiick the most popular budget arcade stick currently, evne though it may not seem like much.


The Best Arcade Fight Sticks – IGN

Supports Direct Input and X-Input. The most important here was to follow the orders exactly and in my case especially parts 1 and 2. This isn’t a stellar stick by any means but is a great budget alternative that’s perfect for new players or the tournament hardened grinder who wants a lightweight option to take over a friend’s house for some practice matches. I would recommend this stick to anyone, regardless of the age or skill level. If you want to compare the features of each stick in a handy table format, check the Arcade Stick Comparison Chart.

The alternative was downloading and installing Razer’s Arcadf drivers, at which fightstock Windows and Steam considered the Panthera to be an Xbox controller.

Capcom, Guilty Gear, Soul Calibur, an arcade classic like Darkstalkers or an arcade less-classic like Jackie Chan Fists of Fury, the control input method question is always a difficult one to answer. This arcade stick is a great controller to use with the Nintendo Switch, although you can only use it through USB meaning it can only connect to the switch dock or to a switch USB adapter if you own oneit’s great for those who play competitive fighting games or even for casuals who play games like Namco Museum or even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The largely similar Razer Atrox for Xbox One fared even worse, with Steam failing to even detect a controller. It has a headphone jack, and the buttons are laid out on the front panel instead of the side.

The stick I feel is about a half inch too small below the buttons and I have hands on the smaller side. I, for instance, am bloody useless without a stick — and it took me far too long to discover that fact. Rest of the buttons are in the front panel, and touchpad can be found from the back of the joystick, just behind the buttons at the top.


There is no headphone jack.

Best PC Arcade Sticks –

The LED lights on the sides can be turned off, kept permanently on, or made to flash every time you press a button aracde use the joystick. Just hovering my pinky over one and giving it the slightest glance will actuate it. Mayflash F supports multiple consoles just like F, with the same caveat that you have to connect your gamepad to it with a USB cable.

Sanwa joystick and 10 Sanwa buttons Includes: Learn more about Amazon Prime. A hidden side panel allows you to customize the controls to your liking as well.

Hori RAP4 Kai is one of the most popular arcade sticks currently, if not the most popular. Its wide dimensions and subtle heft allow it to rest comfortably in your lap for hours. Everything about it feels great, plenty of space to rest your hand, it can control the system menu’s on PS3 which many can’t, etc Big box stores and your favorite online retailers are swimming with options, so it can be tough to know where to start.

In stock on January 1, Only 5 left in stock – order soon.