Andrew, Found it on another site. This laptop is operating under Kernel version 2. Can you replace or upgrade the video or graphics card on an Acer Aspire so it will work with Windows 7? If you’re using a bit version of Linux, use this command:. Thanks so much for this demo!!! Everything looked good, put it back together and still nothing.

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Remove four screws securing the hard drive assembly. I have an acer Thanks.

How to disassemble Acer Aspire 3620

Is that enough, or should the grease be added? It did fit with a little pressure but their is now a little nick in the battery case. Both 384 cables are identical. Hi — Excellent and detailed instructions which make it seem a much less daunting task for a novice.

Acer Aspire 3684NWXMi

I am preparing to open up my Aspire to replace the dying CMOS battery, but I have no clue where it is, how to get at it, and what type it is. Thanks for this guide, very useful for anyone looking for take apart howto instructions for this model Acer Aspire. Actually I washed the heat sink and zcer fan. Hi, I have the Acer Aspire and it has a built in webcam. First time I had no parts left after reassembling.


I have the Acer With a silver-and-black exterior, it looks quite presentable. Did you remove the heat sink while cleaning the laptop?

36884 Thanks, helped me in the deconstruction of my We soldered in an external connector to get around replacing the original connector board. When reattatching the keyboard bezel, make sure that this little pin goes through the little hole in the keyboard bezel, otherwise it will be stuck down and you will have no display on your screen.

Someone mentioned the problem may be with the video card.

Audio Controller Enabling Sound The sound driver works, but you cannot hear it because the playback device is set to mute. In the Volume control preferences. Is there anyway aceer test for it?

Thank you so much. I have removed the fan from an acer C In my guide you can see the CMOS battery in the step Just got done tearing apart my for the second time Once to do the above procedure, and once to replace the DC jack. White is main, Black is Aux. Are you able to help me with inatructions afer how to work about that?


Installing Ubuntu on Acer Aspire WXMi

Might it be the same as the ? Found it on another site. It was extremely helpful.

You cannot upgrade the video card. Network Engineer, and I wish everyone would document so well. What can I do now?

Some minor differences, but your clear, illustrated instructions helped give me the confidence to pursue and get the dirt out of the cooling system. A setting in the BIOS that needs to be changed. Shane, I have the Acer